Don’t Focus on Problems – that will Attract More Problems, Instead Focus on Solutions

Normally when we have a problem we keep on worrying about it. That will intensify the problem and attract more problems. Our thoughts are very very powerful, much more than we imagine. By thinking or worrying about the same problem again and again we are giving more attention and energy to the problem. That will lead the problem to gain more and more strength. So most of the time knowingly or unknowingly we are intensifying the problem.

Every thought is like a prayer. Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between a prayer and thought. It cannot differentiate between a worry and a wish because it operates on feelings. It does not do any logical checking or analysis. Whatever you are thinking it tries to manifest or materialize. So if you keep on worrying about something, your internal power, which is million times more powerful than your conscious mind, is actively seeking to materialize it. That is why if you keep on worrying about your miseries or financial problems you will be showered with more and more such problems. So you are fully responsible for your current situation – whether it is good or bad.

So instead of worrying about the problems focus on the solutions – that is the best way to come out from any issues in life. When you focus on solutions your subconscious mind will come up with more and more possible solutions. Universe gives you whatever you ask for. It doesn’t give you a solution if you keep on asking for more problems. There is a Sanskrit word “Tathastu” and as per Hindu beliefs whenever we ask something God replies “Tathastu” – literally means “Let it Happen as per your Wish” or “As You Wish”. So the Universe or God will give whatever we wish or think or imagine. So be careful with your thoughts and imaginations too.

Normally what happens is we wish for good things or pray for a good life in front of God for 5-10 minutes every day and rest of the time we keep on thinking and worrying about our problems. So those thoughts overpower the good thoughts and wishes. So unknowingly we ourselves are attracting bad things to our life. All our problems, issues and negative things happening in our life are our own creations. So if you realize this truth and act accordingly then your life will change forever. 

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