Change your Mindset and Perception about Money, It will Flow Abundantly !

Attracting more and more Money to your life is an art. There is no relationship between money and hard work or your skill or dedication. It is purely based on your mindset about money and life. Whatever dreams and goals you have in your mind is slowly reflecting in your outside world. That is what really happens in everybody’s life. So if you are not rich then first you need to change your mindset about money, work etc.

If you have a mindset like “Money is not everything or money cannot buy everything” then change it immediately. Of course there are many things money cannot buy. But when you plan to attract something to your life first you need to love that object. Right ? So if you are trying law of attraction techniques and you don’t love money or you have a bad feeling about it then it will not work. So the first thing is love and welcome more and more money to your life mentally. Also don’t allow feelings like “whatever i have is enough” or “I don’t need extra money. Only I need enough money to survive every day”. Remember the universe will not give you anything extra. It will give whatever you ask. So be careful with such limiting thoughts.

Then even if you are in misery and sorry don’t worry about that too much. Remember our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between a worry and a prayer. So even if you worry about something it will take it like a prayer. So if you keep on worrying about your problems then it will think that you want more such problems and will shower you with more problems. So always think about solutions and positive things. Every thought is important. If you are poor then that is because of your thoughts only. That is 100% sure. Not because of any external factors. Whatever world you are dreaming and imagining internally are just reflecting outside. So change your inner world first, then the outer world also will become like that.

To become rich or get lots of wealth and success in life you should have a goal and plan in life. This is very important. Don’t wait for positive things to happen just like that. Make a goal and work for that goal continuously without doubting the outcome. Slowly it will happen. Don’t expect the law of attraction to work in one or two days. It will take some time. It is like planting a seed. You have to wait for some time.

Just thinking some positive things about money also will not work. Around 65000 thoughts come to mind every day. If you dream some positive things about money for 5-10 minutes and rest of the day you keep on worrying about your financial problems then your negative thoughts will overpower the positive ones. So always keep a positive and optimistic attitude and mindset. Then only it will work. This is very important for law of attraction or affirmations to work properly. 

Then you can do other things like listening to money affirmations, money frequencies like Jupiter spinning frequency, do some visualization techniques etc. These all will not bring money directly to you. These are only to change your attitude and mindset about money. You don’t need any outside help to attract money or perfect health. It is all inside you. Creator made all of us as whole and perfect. Only our own mind is making self limits and barriers. 

You just need an outside trigger or stimulation. That is all. All the prayers, affirmations, money videos, money attracting objects etc are doing that. So everything is in your mindset. What we are thinking today decides our tomorrow. So be careful with every thought. Practice some meditation, yoga and pranayama. That will help you to control your thoughts. It is not easy to control the mind but you can reduce the thoughts especially negative ones. 90% of our problems in life are due to our fluctuating mind. Overthinking is the main reason for most of the problems. So practice some techniques to stop overthinking and try to concentrate on your goal and work for that. Be aware about the distractions and ignore them. Concentrate only on the goal. Then success will be yours !

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