Will Law of Attraction Work ? The Science Behind Law of Attraction

In social media and video sharing sites you will find numerous success stories about Law of Attraction or LOA. It is a kind of thing attracting what you want with the power of attraction and imagination. But will it work ? Of course it will work if you have full faith in it. Modern science is still in early stages when it comes to understanding the Universe and its mysteries. Even when it comes to our body and mind still it cannot have answer to many things because science is always looking outward but our real power and energy sit inside. Science never bothered to go inside but our ancient spiritual teachers and saints were more interested in our internal power and achieved so many things centuries ago with those powers.

So how does the law of attraction work ? We have actually two worlds – one outside and one inside. Outside world is the one we see through our senses and the inside world is created by mind through imagination and visualization. But the truth is these two worlds cannot go in different directions. It is like the air conditioning system working as per the temperature we set. Our internal system is keep on working to bring these two worlds together and in sync. So if you strongly believe in the outside world then slowly things will go in that way. But if you strongly believe in the inside world then our system will adjust the way the inside world thinks and visualizes. So it depends on how strong and powerful your belief is.

For eg if you are financially in a very bad situation and you strongly believe that some good thing or a miracle is going to happen soon and keep on imagining and visualizing a financially stable and better situation then slowly your outside world will also get adjusted to that and things will happen as you visualized. But when you are in a difficult situation and you think and worry about things again then the situation will become worse because both inside and outside world you are facing and dreaming troubles.

But some people complain that the Law of attraction is not working for them. The main reason is that either their belief was not strong enough to overpower the outside world or they doubt the results. As per psychologists 65,000 thoughts come to our mind daily. So if you think or dream for 5-10 minutes per day about some good positive life and rest of the day if you keep worrying about the current situation then it will not work. Then your negative thoughts are overpowering your positive thoughts and dreams. So be positive and confident about the outcome. 

Also don’t expect positive things to happen in one or two days. It will take some time. It is like planting seeds in a land. You need to give some time for it to happen. Consistency is the key. Whatever your outside condition, keep a positive mindset inside then slowly your system will be adjusted to the inside positive thoughts and imaginations. Never lose faith in it and don’t doubt its outcome and be grateful to the universe for all the things you have in your life too. Universe always loves gratitude. 

So the Law of attraction is something everybody can try and achieve. It is not rocket science. Only you need to believe in it and maintain a positive attitude all the time. Then things will work out as per your plans. Things you want to attract already exist. Everything is matter. You don’t have to build or make it from scratch. Only you need the power to attract that into your life. If you strongly believe the Universe will help you without any doubt. Universe will always say “Yes”. 

If you dream for troubles and issues then the Universe will shower you with more and more troubles and problems. But even if your life is in misery and you expect and believe that good things are going to happen then the Universe will shower your life with abundance, joy and happiness. Everything is in your hand. So make use of the Law of Attraction and  manifest the life you really want. Nobody is stopping you, expect your negative thoughts and beliefs. All the successful people in the world realized this truth and acted accordingly. So the same theory is applicable to everybody including yourself. So forget about your current problems and start thinking about a good tomorrow !

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