Miracles Tones 432Hz and 528 Hz Mix : Deep Healing, Law of Attraction, DNA Repair

Two tunes – 528Hz and 432Hz are very popular among frequency lovers. These two tones are believed to have so many health and spiritual effects like DNA healing and repair, law of attraction which helps to attract money, love, abundance, wealth, confidence, peace of mind or whatever you are dreaming of or whatever you want to achieve in life. 528Hz is part of the solfeggio scale which is again considered divine set of frequencies. 432Hz is popularly known as cosmic frequency or tune of the universe and also known as a replacement for the popular 440Hz musical scale.

In YouTube and such video and music sharing sites you will find 100s of videos or audios with 528Hz and 432Hz. But both these tunes in a single video is very rare. Here I mixed these two popular tunes in a fast mode and also both are pure tunes. I normally don’t mix music in my videos and audios because that will seriously affect the benefits. So these two frequencies mixed in pure form and in a fast mode in this video.

Listen to this at lease once every day for 1-2 weeks and see any changes happening in your life. Also try to keep your mind positive and think about good things happening in your life. Believe in miracles and positive things. Universe will always provide what you are thinking and dreaming. If you keep on worrying about your problems and issues and once in a while dream for something good it will not work. Make sure majority of your thoughts in a day in the positive side. Remember our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between a worry and prayer. It take both in the same sense. So try to keep your mind free from negative thoughts. Negative emotions and feeling not only destroy your mood but also affect your health and relationships. So try to be positive always. These tone also believed to have power to remove negativity and raise positive vibrations.

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