Being Aware is the Source of All Experiences : Watching this itself a Great Meditation !

Being Aware is the common factor in all our experiences. We experience everything – thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, sensations, imaginations etc through awareness. It is like a flashlight. When we point awareness to something we get more knowledge about it and experience it better. We are surrounded by lots of data – internally and externally. Especially nowadays too much data externally after the overgrowth of the internet and social media. But we cannot feed all this data to our brain because it cannot handle this huge amount of information. So we have this facility called awareness to pinpoint only the data we want and ignore rest of the information.

Awareness is not biased to anything or it neither has any affinity to positive feelings or resistance to negative emotions. Our subconscious mind impressions decide where to pinpoint this awareness. When we focus this awareness on something then it will become attention. Being aware is the center point of everything. It decides our life’s direction. When we are addicted to something or specifically interested in something, the awareness will be more biased to that based on such impressions in our subconscious mind . For eg if you have a plan to buy a new car then when you go out you will be aware about all new models on the road. 

Also awareness is a great thing and which is the basis of all our experience and in fact it is fundamental to our life. But it is distracting too if we don’t take care of it. Compared to previous centuries now we are facing so many challenges. We have to daily deal with huge amounts of information overflow in all fronts. We may think this is good but it is overloading our brains. It is more than our brains can handle. Now the speed of the internet and connectivity between continents are increasing exponentially. So to achieve great things like you have to keep awareness in your goal instead of getting distracted in many things.

So how to get your awareness in control ? The main way is to watch awareness itself. When you are watching awareness itself it pauses for a few moments and forget about all other experiences like thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. So try to watch the awareness itself. Ask yourself questions like “Am I Aware ?”, “Who am I ?”, “What is my True essence ?”, “Where did I come from ?” etc. When you ask these questions many times it forces awareness to stop looking for other things like thoughts and feelings and it starts looking at itself. Awareness will be plugged into its own source. This is the mother of all meditations. You will be synchronized to your own source – consciousness or “I am”. Practice this regularly, your life will change for the better. That is Sure.

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