Is 5G Cellular Network Technology Dangerous to our health ?

One of my YouTube viewers asked this question sometimes back. Even Though I studied electronics during my college days I was not in touch with these things for quite a while. Also 5G networks are not yet established in my country yet. But heard about many protests by activists in many countries.

What is 5G Cellular Network Technology ? 

It is the 5th generation mobile network technology after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G designed to deliver very high mobile data speed up to 20Gb per second. At present it is around 30Mb per second. So 5G can deliver a speed almost 660 times faster than the current rates in ideal situations but practically it may be less. Still it is much much faster than the current 3G and 4G technologies.

Is 5G dangerous to health ? 

Whenever we get some good there will be a bad side for that too. Even your home WiFi or Bluetooth headset or current mobile phone technology is emanating radiation. Studies say it is in permissible limits but nobody knows its long term effects because most of these things became part of our life very recently only. Since 5G transfer data at gigabits per seconds its radiation also will be much more compared to the previous technologies. That is why activists are very much worried about it.

What studies say ?

Some studies say 5G signals are not that harmful. But those are only preliminary studies because 5G itself is a very new thing. More studies needed to be done in this topic to get a more clear picture. Since now we are living in a world where everything is controlled by money I don’t expect much to happen. Companies and governments invested billions of dollars in 5G technology so they won’t be interested to study about it’s side effects now unless there are some big protests worldwide. 

Since the side effects of these kinds of things are long term and not immediately visible we also don’t care about it much. That is the truth. Nowadays we also give more importance to comfort than our life and health. That is the sad part of it. I can see people speaking on their mobile phone for hours without even a headset in trains and streets. Now WiFi modems are common in most of the companies and homes. Now we cannot live without a fast internet connection. 

Nowadays companies are interested in profits and margins, governments are interested in economy and taxes, people are interested in luxury and comfort. That is the world right now and so don’t expect something will happen in favor of our health, humanity etc. That is the sad reality now. 

So what can we do ?

Only thing we can do is take care of ourselves. Our body has unlimited potential to heal and regenerate itself if we give it necessary time and atmosphere. Problem is we ourselves abuse the body too. Be careful about what you eat and drink. Don’t abuse the body with junk food. Eat healthy foods. Drink enough water. Try to get organic food items if possible. Don’t overeat. Eat only when you are hungry. Give enough time for digestion. Fast at least once in a week to give some rest to the digestive system.

Mental health is also very important. Your body and mind need sufficient rest everyday. Try to be positive always. Our senses are our inputs to the brain – mainly eyes and ears. Your mood and state of mind depends on these inputs. So be careful what you see and hear every day. Keep safe distance from negative news, people and situations. Don’t believe everything you see on social media and such apps. 

Daily spend some time for physical and mental health. Do yoga, meditation and pranayama or breathing exercises. Spend at least one hour per day for the body and mind. Listen to motivational speeches, relaxing music etc.

If you take care of yourself like this then no external radiation can harm you. Our body is designed in such a way to tackle any such kind of external and internal threats. So if our system is working at an optimum and perfect level it can discard or neutralize any such threats. So Take care of yourself. That is the best thing you can do. Also reduce usage of mobile phones, wifi or such radiation causing objects. Instead of WiFi you can use a wired network connection. 

While speaking on a mobile phone always use a wired headset. Turn off notifications in mobile apps so that it will not distract you. You are supposed to be the master but nowadays we are like a slave and gadgets are controlling us. We cannot change the world. Also when we keep on worrying about the outside world that is creating negativity in our own system. So don’t worry too much about the outside world. It will never be perfect. Instead correct things which are in your control.

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