Rife Parasite General Short Set Isochronic mix with 6 extremely low tones

In our previous videos we included many parasite rife frequency sets but most of them were long with more than 30 frequencies. But here it is a short set with only 12 frequencies originally discovered by Dr Royal Rife in the last century – almost 60-70 years back. Here it is mixed with 6 extremely low frequencies – below .1 Hz to make it more pleasant also these ultra low tones too beneficial and have many healing properties.

Since it is mixed in the isochronic way speakers are enough, unlike binaural where headphones are must to get full benefits. So listen to this with either a speaker or headset for at least once daily for few days or a week and see any changes in your problem. As I have mentioned already in my previous posts parasite cleanse is not a one time process. Whatever method you use they can regroup and grow again in a matter of time. So you need to take regular measures to keep parasites in control. Because when you do some kind of parasite cleanse whether it is an allopathic medicine or a parasite killing food or listening to a parasite killing frequency it cannot kill all parasites in our stomach. Some will always remain there.

When an undigested food or sugary food enter our intestines that will again help them to grow. So it is extremely important to eat food which are properly cooked especially complex carbohydrate foods like grains. Actually complex carbs over strain our digestive system and most people cannot digest it properly. So some will become undigested and enter the large intestine and that leads to parasite overgrowth. So it is better to fast once in a week or completely avoid complex carbs once in a week or follow low carb diets like Specific Carbohydrate diet or SCD.

It is also also important not to overeat especially complex carbs. Reduce as much as possible – both complex carbs and sugary foods. Try to eat whole grains too. Avoid processed and refined foods. It is a life long process. Always you should be careful about it especially if you have a parasite overgrowth problem. Majority of the population has this problem. Since there is no visible symptoms most not aware about it. But if it continue for a long time it can leads to many other health issues. As per Indian holistic healing method Ayurveda all health issues start from the stomach. If you keep stomach perfect everything else will be perfect.

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