We live in a highly technologically advanced world! But are we the happiest ? Not At all !

Yes. We live in a highly technologically advanced world with high end connectivity between countries and continents in megabits and gigabits per second transfer rates. Now we can get information from any part of the world within seconds. Our generation is living in such a sophisticated and highly advanced world which our ancestors couldn’t even imagine or dream. But are we happier than them ? Of course not. 

The main reason for this is happiness is an inside property. It is a property of our soul or consciousness. With technological advancements we are going more and more outward. We think that happiness is an outside property but actually not and become happy with the tiny bits of pleasure we get from the outside world. Outside pleasure and happiness are only temporary and transient. Science and technology helps us to grow externally which keeps us engaged but that doesn’t mean it gives permanent happiness. In fact the outside world is blocking our inside happiness. We don’t realize that an ocean of happiness is inside which is permanent and constant. 

It is good that we are all getting close and able to get information from any corner of the world instantaneously. But the problem is most of the media including visual and social media are interested mainly in negative things. So we are only adding more and more negative data. That is the problem. Even our mind has a tendency to stick to negative things. So even though we have a very high speed information highway that is bringing mainly negative news only. Our mind is also interested in getting negative news from it.

Nowadays we get news about a crime happening 1000s of miles away in a few seconds. If it is sensational news our media are eager to project it too. We cannot blame them because that is their business. But nobody cares about the negative waves it creates in our mind. At the same time a positive news normally will not travel that much distance too ! Nobody will be interested too because it may not be sensational.

Of course, technological advancements are good. But we should use it in a proper way. That should not bring down our mood. That should not affect our mental stability. But we cannot correct the world. So the only thing we can do is correct our mind. We should teach our mind to stick to positive things and ignore negative things. No point in worrying about something happening in 1000s of miles away. World will never be perfect. You should accept that fact. When you worry about something happening in another continent, you are creating negative emotions in your body and that in turn deteriorating your physical and mental health. So learn to find positive in everything. That is the only solution. If you use the modern technologies in a positive way it will help you a lot too. So we need to correct our own system.

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