Beware ! You have been hypnotized, conditioned and remotely controlled !

One important aspect of our subconscious mind is without any validation or logical checking it stores whatever information comes its way. In normal conditions our conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper. It cross checks everything and passes only valid and reliable information to the subconscious mind.

Till last century our internal and external worlds were balanced to some extent. We had enough time to spend alone or with closed ones. Had enough time to take a rest or time to spend on relaxing things. Our senses were not bombarded with gigantic amounts of information from outside like today. In today’s world we are facing so many such challenges. So it is easy for some data to skip the conscious mind and enter the subconscious mind since we are confronted with a huge amount of data daily. 

Also when you are confronted with the same information multiple times higher chances that it can go to your subconscious without your conscious mind’s knowledge. Advertisers use this and inject their brand name into your subconscious by repeating the same advertisements multiple times every hour in tv channels and other such mediums. Once it is etched to your subconscious with their exaggerated positive qualities you will get addicted to that. Also in social media people make boosted or fake news to mislead you in their favor. When you see the same false information in multiple places slowly it will enter your subconscious without even your knowledge.

Daily we are being bombarded with too much such false or exaggerated information through social media and other internet sites, visual media, news papers, mobile apps etc. Since our subconscious mind can easily be misguided like mentioned above if you don’t take it seriously you can be easily brainwashed with false information. This is what is happening all over the world. We are too much addicted to mobile apps and social media. 

Another problem is once exaggerated or false data goes to our memory that becomes our belief and nature. We will become conditioned in such a way that all future analysis by the conscious mind will be based on that. If the people trying to influence us, let it be a political party or religious organization or an advertiser, succeeded in creating a positive affinity towards them in our subconscious mind then all our future logical analysis will be based on that biased beliefs. It is like we have been brainwashed or hypnotized by them. We start to ignore their negative and will be interested only in their positive news even if it is fake. Similarly we ignore positive news about their opponents and will eager to listen to their opponents negative news. So we will become conditioned in their favor. 

This is happening in all fields. So we lose our capacity to think in an unbiased mode. The end result is our brain filled with more and more false or inaccurate information. We lose  the capacity to think rationally. So now you are mostly remotely controlled. Your friends, relatives or colleagues decide your mood. Right ? Advertising companies decide what you buy, eat, drink, wear etc. Media groups decide what news you hear and what not and your thought patterns and beliefs about the world are based on that. So your beliefs and opinions are ill-written. So you are hypnotized, conditioned and remotely controlled by so many people, groups, organizations etc. 

So how to come out from this ? As long as you are too interested in the outside world, people can easily misguide you, hypnotize you, control you. So the only way to escape from this is to move awareness inside. You depend too much on the outside world and you think that is the real world. But the real world is inside. Start exploring it. You are wandering around the outside world for little happiness and enjoyment. But a sea of happiness is inside and you are totally unaware of it. You are not in control. You are guided by mind and senses. They are supposed to be your slaves but now you are like a slave and they are in charge. So take control from them. You are important. Body and mind and only tools to access the physical world. If you leave the control to them everything will be in chaos. So raise your consciousness and awareness. Concentrate more in the inner world and Take control of yourself.

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