How to stay in positive when the world in chaos : Explore the Inner World of Ultimate Happiness

Day by day our world is becoming more and more dangerous. Criminal activities are increasing, people are becoming more selfish, enmity between countries are increasing, nobody care about others, religious, political, race, regional fights are increasing and now the spread of coronavirus covid-19 has done so much damage to the economy and people and its after effects is going to be much worse like food shortage, long  term economic issues etc. With extended usage of mobile phones and advent of television and social media people have become more self centered and sensitive. 

It is not easy to stay positive and calm in this period of uncertainty with chaos everywhere. You don’t see much love and care like we used to have a few decades ago. Still there are millions of good people in the world even now. But the media and other such things only project negative people and negative things more because then they only want sensational news. 

So our mind is bombarded daily with too much negative news. Problem is our subconscious mind keeps on recording whatever information comes in its way. Normally our conscious mind filter many data and sends only a few to the subconscious. Feeling is very important. When we feel sad or angry about something that data will definitely go to our long term memory in the subconscious. So the only option is to reduce the amount of negative data. For that you have to stop watching TV news and stop reading such news on websites and social media sites and apps. 

Our sense’s job is to collect information from the outside world. If we leave them without any restrictions it collects everything. Also the mind has a tendency to stick to negativity. So most of the time our mind filters out the positive information and records information which raises our feelings, which will be negative mostly. 

So the first thing is to control the amount of data coming to the senses. Try to be in a positive environment all the time. Try to hear and watch only positive things. Your subconscious cannot differentiate a tv program and real incident. Even a crime you are watching in a web video or tv serial or movie, your subconscious mind records as if you witnessed it in the real world. So be very careful about this.

Second thing you can do is stop worrying about things which you don’t have any control over. Our world is so huge with more than 7.5 billion people. Every second there will be all types of crimes happening all over the world. If you are going to worry about each and every negative thing happening in this world then your entire life will not be sufficient for it ! So forget about the concept of a Perfect World. That is not going to happen. So don’t even dream about it. World will be like this only. It was like this. It is like this and it is going to be like  this only. For centuries so many people have tried to correct the world. Nobody succeeded yet and nobody is going to succeed in the future too. So forget about such utopian ideas.

You think about only things that are only in your control and correct them if there are any issues – your family, work etc. No point in worrying about something which you cannot do anything. Also reduce thoughts about the outside world and start your inward journey where the real happiness resides. Your inner world is filled with unlimited amounts of happiness and peace. A big treasure is sitting inside and you are begging outside for pennies. Spend more time in the inside world and enjoy the happiness inside. Once you learn to enjoy the inner happiness you will never need any external stimulation to get happiness. Unlike the happiness we get from outside through material possessions etc, inside happiness is pure and permanent. So start exploring the unlimited possibilities sitting idle inside.

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