Attract Money with Jupiter Frequencies 183.58 Hz & 473.9 Hz and Solfeggio Money Frequency 639 Hz

Jupiter – The Money Planet

From centuries planet Jupiter has been associated with money and wealth. From ancient period people believe that it can bring abundance and prosperity in life. Indian astrology also say the same thing. People recite Jupiter mantras to get rich. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and in the 5th position from Sun and also the brightest object visible to the naked eye in the sky. It is around 687 million km away from our mother earth.

Jupiter Frequencies : 183.58 Hz & 473.9 Hz

There are two frequencies associated with Jupiter : 183.58 Hz & 473.9 Hz. Since Jupiter is closely associated with money and wealth these 2 frequencies are very important in law of attraction techniques and other such money attracting things. If you regularly listen to these tones it is believed that it can bring abundance in your life. Jupiter spin frequency can bring good luck, wealth and money if you believe it. Feeling and believing is very important. If you are skeptical or doubtful nothing will work. There are still many things science cannot explain. Of course science is helping us in many ways but don’t think that there is anything else above science. Still universe is a mystery to science and we still know only very little things about universe. Problem is we are deeply hypnotized with science during our school days and believe that there is nothing beyond science and we try to logically analyze everything. But there are many things which our logical mind cannot perceive or understand.

Solfeggio Money Frequency 639 Hz

Solfeggio scale is another mysterious tones in the frequency lover’s community believed to have many benefits. There are 6 primary solfeggio tones and 3 additional ones – 174Hz , 285Hz , 396Hz , 417Hz , 528Hz , 639Hz , 741Hz , 852Hz , 963Hz. All these frequencies are extremely beneficial if you listen it daily. In this 639Hz is associated with money and law of attraction. There are so many videos in YouTube and such sites mixed with all these frequencies.

Jupiter Frequencies with Solfeggio

Above video Jupiter money frequencies are mixed with Solfeggio money frequency in a fast mode, all in the pure mode. If we mix music with tones, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the original tones. So all these are mixed as pure tones to keep the efficiency to the maximum. Listen to this video daily for few weeks and check any difference in your overall financial status and luck. As I said above faith is very important. You must believe 100% for these kind of things to work. Whatever you are searching is inside. Everything is within. These kind of things act like a catalyst to get what you want. So for anything to arise from within you must have belief. That the trick. Good Luck.

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