Dental Infections : 70 Rife Frequency Healing Mix with Rife 72, 880 and 5000 Hz Music

This video is a mix of 70 Rife frequencies for Dental infections and related health issues like toothache, root and gum diseases, tooth abscess etc. This is mixed in a fast mode with one frequency per second. These tones are again mixed with a relaxing music containing popular rife frequencies – 72Hz, 880Hz and 5000Hz – which are again more beneficial because these tones are believed to be cure for many more diseases. So when you listen to this video you will get extra benefits with these rife tones.

Dental infections are very common health issue normally caused by bacteria starting from the root of the tooth or gum and gradually spread to the surrounding areas. Dental abscesses can be Gingival, periodontal or periapical. Tooth pain, bad breath, swelling, fever etc are the common symptoms for dental or tooth infections. Poor dental hygiene is the main cause of the bacterial infection in the mouth. High sugar intake also can lead to dental cavities and dental infections.

Please note that this video is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. If you have any health issues first consult a doctor and this video can be used in addition for a fast recovery and reduce symptoms.

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