Is Social Media Boon or Bane ? : Importance of Limiting Social Media Use

Social media popularity and usage are increasing day by day and more and more people are getting addicted to it. It is true that no other generations have witnessed this much technological advancement like us. There are many positive and negative effects for this massive technological developments happened in the past few decades especially in the internet and mobile phone arena.

Of course mobile phones and social media help us to get connected and bring us latest news and updates within a fraction of seconds. Problem occurs when we are getting addicted to it. We supposed to be the master and mobile phone supposed to be a slave. But in today’s world it is happening in the opposite way. Mobile apps or social media apps are deciding our daily routine and that is very dangerous. We have become like a mechanical device obeying the master (mobile phone) most of the times. Of course it is giving lots of entertainment and news updates etc. 

Nowadays our senses are bombarded with with massive amounts of information – far higher than our senses and mind or brain can handle. It leads to over use of senses and brain. Every thought drain energy and when we are in the middle of gigantic information flow, it drains lots of our vital energy. We become lethargic and tired because of this. We get refreshed only when our mind is calm and silent for some time and today’s world that is not all happening except during sleep.

When it becomes a daily routine, in long term it is going to create many health issues – both physical and mental like life style diseases, diabetes, heart problems, depression, anxiety etc. Since  brain is continuously in the active mode it doesn’t get time to healing and other such body functions. 

Another problem is majority of the news and such updates coming in the social media are fake or not authentic. People abuse this media to brainwash you. When we see or hear same thing many times it bypass our conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious mind. Unlike conscious mind, subconscious mind doesn’t do any kind of reasoning or cross checking. It directly writes to our memory whatever comes without checking it. So if you receive a fake forwarded message from many people, chances are high that it can go to your subconscious mind and you will start believing that it is true.

So best idea is to not depend social media for news and such things. Also limit your social media usage every day and you take the control. Switch off notifications to avoid distractions while you are busy with some other things. Remember, you supposed to be the master – not mobile phone or social media apps. 

Another issue is when you spend time a mechanical or electronic device, it drains your energy. At the same time when you spend time with nature you will gain energy from the nature. So daily spend some time with nature.

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