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Spider Collection Games List

Spider Collection is a specially packed collection of Spider Solitaire games. We create this collection with creating a nice combination of spider games for solitaire game lovers.

Spider Collection contains two types of games. Standard games are classical spider solitaire games which have been in the solitaire market for many years. These games are invented long time back even before the birth of computers. New games are spider solitaire games invented by the authors of spider collection. These games we created with our own rules and layout so it is unique to this collection and will not be available in any other solitaire products in this world.

These are the standard and new games included with Spider Collection.

Standard Games

Beetle, Double Scorpion, Scarab, Scorpion, Simple Simon,Spider, Spidercells, Spiderette, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suit and Will o' the Wisp

New Games

Arena, Baker's Spider, Beacon,Beige, Cone Spider, Coral, Double Baker's Spider, Double Fan Spider, Double Fortune, Double Galaxy, Double Ivory, Double Klondike Spider, Double Orchid, Double Sienna, Double Simon, Double Spidercells, Double Spiderette, Enigma, Epic, Fan Spider, Floral White, Fortune, Full Moon, Galaxy, Golden Beach, Ivory, Klondike Spider, Lake View, Little Coral, Meadow, Misty Rose, Moon Light, Open Spider, Orchid, Pendulum, Plaza, Reversed Spider, Salmon, Scorpion Freecell, Seashell, See-Saw Spider, Sienna, Single Enigma, Single Spider, Snow, Spider Beige, Spider Freecell, Stripped Spider, Tripple Beige, Vertical Scorpion and Vertical Spider.




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