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Spider Collection Awards

Spider Collection is a top rated spider solitaire card game on the web. There are many online versions and downloadable pc versions of spider solitaire available today. But there are only a few are dedicated to spider solitaire games. All other solitaire game packages contains spider solitaire and other solitaire games like freecell, Klondike etc But Spider Collection is fully dedicated to Spider Solitaire Games. It contains only spider solitaire and it's variations.

 Spider collection is the largest collection of spider solitaire games and it is one of the best rated and downloaded spider solitaire game. Spider Collection received many awards from software and shareware download sites. These awards include Editor's Choice, Editor's Pick, 5 Start Award, Most Popular and Most downloaded. Since there are many shareware sites and spider collection listed in almost all of them we cannot individually list all those sites name and awards. So here is a list of awards received from major shareware sites.

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