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Download Solgames 2004

Solgames 2004 is a Solitaire Card Games Collection with 350 Solitaire Games. Here you can download an evaluation version of Solgames 2004. You can use it free for 30 days. If you would like to continue using Solgames 2004 after 30 days then you must purchase Solgames 2004.

If you have already purchased Solgames 2004 then download this evaluation version and after installation enter your registration code (which you will get via email within 24 hours of purchase) to make it a registered version.

Download Solgames 2004 Now     Solgames 2004 - Download Now

To download this 30 days evaluation version of Solgames 2004 click on the Download Now link. This will prompt you to Save a file named solgames.exe. Click on Save and select any directory on your computer.

Now double click on the file solgames.exe and follow the instructions to install Solgames 2004 on your computer.

File Name : solgames.exe
Size : 5395KB
Version : 11.0
OS : Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Type : 30 Days Evaluation

To uninstall Solgames 2004 click uninstall from the Solgames 2004 program Group.

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