Reversed Sir Tommy


Reversed Sir Tommy

Game Group : Sir Tommy

Game Type : Original

Included in : SolGames 2004

Number ofDecks : One (52 cards)

Object  of the Game:
To move all the cards to the foundation according to the rules specified for the game.
Reversed Sir Tommy Screenshot
Foundation (4 Piles)
Four Kings are removed from the decks and are not available for play. Build down regardless of suit from King to Ace.
Tableau (4 Columns)
Place cards in the tableau in any suit or any rank from the stock. The cards cannot be moved to another tableau column once it is placed in any of the tableau column. Top card of each column is available for play to the foundation. Spaces may be filled only from the stock until the stock becomes empty.
Top card is available for play to the foundation or to the tableau. No Redeal.