Game Group : Freecell Solitaire

Game Type : Standard

Included in : SolGames 2004 , Freecell Collection

Number ofDecks : One (52 Cards)

Object  of the Game:
To move all the cards to the foundation according to the rules specified for the game.
Penguin Screenshot
Foundation (4 Piles)
At the beginning of the game, the first three foundation piles are filled with the base card. Build up in suit from the base card to the rank just below the base card.  
Tableau (7 Columns of  7 cards each)
Build down in suit . Top card of each column is available for play to the foundations or to the tableau or to the reserve cells. A group of cards can be moved to another tableau column if they are in sequence down in suit and there is enough space where the cards could be moved individually. Spaces may be filled with a card which has a rank less than that of the base card.
Reserve (7 Cells)
The reserve cells can be used as storage space for cards.  Each cell can have only one card at a time. The cards in the cells can be moved to the foundation or to the tableau.