Windows Solitaire Card Games - S


Snowfall Solitaire
In Snowfall Solitaire you will not only thread through the whole fall of
cards, but also admire this part of the Japan culture


Scripture Solitaire - 
Scripture Solitaire combines the words you reverence with the game you

Serious Solitaire -
A new way to play Solitaire! More than one hundred of your favorite
games are packed into Serious Solitaire.

SolGames 2004 -
SolGames 2004 is world's most favorite Solitaire card games collection with 350 different card games with 228 Original games. 

Solid Solitaire - Solid Solitaire is a suite of 30 solitaire
games for all versions of Windows including Windows 3.x

Antics Deluxe
- The full version contains 50 of the
best solitaire games ever invented, complete with ant animations!

Antics Ultimate
- Solitaire Antics Ultimate
features over 225 solitaire games and 80 new "ant" animations.
All new decks and backgrounds are included.

Solitaire Card
-  A great selection of Solitaire

Solitaire City
Try Solitaire City and play your favourite solitaire games against the

Solitaire Maniac -
The ultimate collection of the most beautiful solitaire card

Solitaire Package
Solitaire Package One is a collection of ten challenging solitaires.

Solitaire Piknic -
Solitaire Piknic is an
exciting, easy-to-learn game that cleverly blends the rules of poker
with solitaire.

Solitaire Plus -
Solitaire Plus is the shareware upgrade to the very popular Free Solitaire

Solitaires -
Solitaires is a very addictive collection of solitaire card games.

Solitaires For Free 
-SolitairesForFree is an equally
addictive, though smaller, collection of solitaire card games.

Solitaire Studio
Completed collection of amusing and addictive patience will give you some
hours of great pleasure and real entertainment.

Solitaire Wizard
Wizard contains not only Klondike, but 15 other similar games.

Solitude -

Freeware compilation of 91 Solitaire Card games for Windows

Solsuite 2008 -
SolSuite 2008 is a high-quality collection of 480 different Solitaire
Card Games with an excellent interface providing good graphics and

South Park
Play Solitaire like you never have before. With the entire gang from
South Park.

Spider Collection -
Spider Collection is World's Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

Spider Solitaire - Here you can find a collection of over 60 different
spider games, a free spider game, a full set of rules for spider games
and so much more.

Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard is an exciting solitaire card game based on the classic game
Spider, a challenging 2 deck game that requires skill and a little bit of

GameHouse Solitaire 1

Super GameHouse Solitaire brings together your
favorite versions of Solitaire and a bunch you've never played

GameHouse Solitaire 2
-  Super GameHouse Solitaire brings together your
favorite versions of Solitaire and a bunch you've never played

GameHouse Solitaire 3
- Super GameHouse Solitaire brings together your
favorite versions of Solitaire and a bunch you've never played

Speedy Solitaire
Start your card
playing engines! Based on the classic card game Spit (Speed), Speedy
takes you on a whirlwind tour across five beautiful courses in hopes
of ruling the race ways.

 - Solitaire Heroes is a new vesion of
the classic Solitaire card game.

Solitairex 3D  - Solitairex
3D is a solitaire game that has 33 different solitaire variants.

Shape Solitaire  - Play Shape Solitaire – a
new and unique card puzzle. The goal is to fill all the open tiles with
cards, following one simple rule – you must place each card on a tile
next to another card having a value of one less or one greater,
regardless of the suit.

Sarah Michelle
Gellar Solitaire
An easy to play version of the Solitaire
card game 'Klondike' with pictures of the actress Sarah Michelle
Gellar ('Buffy - The Vampire Slayer') in the face cards. 3 languages.

StarSpangled Solitaire
 - Play solitaire while listening
to the Star Spangled banner. 12 decks to choose from.


Solitaire Genius
 - Choose from a great collection
of classic solitaire games.

Sleepless Solitaire

 - Sleepless Solitaire!TM is 100%
FREE! The game is commercial quality, but we distribute it for free.
We choose not to annoy you with advertisements, crippled features,
reminders, or time-limits. In return, we ask only that you support us
by purchasing our add-on products.