Solitaire Package One

Solitaire Package One

Platform: Windows

Price: $19.95 

File Size: 1.5MB

Solitaire Package One

Publisher: Kertes

Release Date: January
10, 2002

Solitaire Package One Description:  

Solitaire Package One is a collection of ten challenging
solitaires. It contains four two deck (Engagements, Gargantua, Golgotha,
Hemispheres) and six one deck (Agnes, Canfield, Fourteens, Penguin,
Pyramid Building, Sir Tommy) solitaires. Some of these games you won't
find anywhere else, Engagements was invented by me.

games have customizable background, solid color or bitmap texture,
the program enumerates the bitmaps it can find in its own folder. Six card
back designs are available to chose from.