Solitaire Plus! 2.4.1



Solitaire Plus



Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista systems

Price: $19.95 

File Size: 3.1MB

Solitaire Plus 2.2

Publisher: GamesforOne

Release Date: April
15, 2004

Solitaire Plus Description:  

Solitaire Plus currently offers 30 great solitaire variations.
Solitaire Plus provides large, realistic card artwork for displays
with 1024x768 or higher display resolution. Solitaire Plus is
designed for and looks best with large monitors. If you own a 17"
or larger monitor, then Solitaire Plus will look great!

For smaller displays, a small card setting is provided that allows
all the games to fit on an 800x600 size display.

Solitaire Plus requires at least 800x600 display resolution to
play all the games, and high-color or better is required to use
custom card backs and backgrounds. Solitaire Plus improves the
dragging operations during game play by scanning the game window
for a valid position for the card (or a pile of cards) being
dragged, and then automatically moving the card if dragging is
terminated before hovering over a specific pile. The cursor also
visually indicates when the smart-dragging has found a match

Solitaire Plus provides a complete on-line help system in either
HTML Help or the old-style WinHelp. The rules for each game are
included with a diagram of the game window layout and informative
definitions of terms.