Scripture Solitaire 1.3

Scripture Solitaire

Platform: Windows

Price: $19.95 

File Size: 2.7MB

Scripture Solitaire 1.3

Publisher: Inspired

Release Date: November
25, 2003

Scripture Solitaire Description:  

Scripture Solitaire combines the words you reverence
with the game you love. Each card has a short phrase in place of the rank.
For example: King, Queen, Jack, Ten are replaced with "John
3:16", "For God", "so loved", "the
world". When the phrases on all 13 cards are put together in order,
they form a Bible verse. With the hint system and the variety of game
selections, it can be as easy or as challenging as you like. Scripture
Solitaire includes 6 beautiful themes with custom background and card
graphics: More Precious Than Silver, As Iron Sharpens Iron, Garden of
Gethsemane, Sheep of His Pasture, Ancient of Days, and Green Felt. It has
7 solitaire games (some of which you will find nowhere else): Klondike,
Freecell, His Yoke Is Easy, Noahs Ark, New Jerusalem, God's Favor, and
Checkerboard. It contains 100's of Bible verses in 7 categories: One From
Each Book, Life Of Christ, Christ's Last Days, Love, Bible Favorites,
Salvation, and Proverbs For Living.