Windows Solitaire Card Games - D

Double Decker
 - Double Decker Solitaire contains eight card
solitaire games.

Double Patience -
Double Patience is a card game for two persons. It is also possible to
play against a computer player.

Dream Solitaire -
Dream Solitaire is an enjoyable combination of
traditional puzzles and popular card games like Solitaire. 

Diablo Solitaire is easy to learn
and is a challenging game for all ages and skill levels.


- WinWare's Deluxe
Solitaire is a collection of forty of the finest solitaire card games to
provide entertainment to adults and children.

Double Solitaire
A shareware Solitaire game you play over
the Internet.


Dream Vacation Solitaire
- Take your dream vacation,
sailing from one beautiful location to the next as you play solitaire
for points and prizes.