Kickoos Patience 1.0

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Palm OS

Price: $8.00

File Size: 532 Kb

Solitaire City 1.02



Release Date:
December 9, 2005


Kickoos Patience Description:  

Kickoo's Patience is a program containing
several solitaire games: some are famous, some are very easy (almost for
kids), while others are quite difficult and challenging. Kickoo's Patience
currently contain 8 solitaire games, including Fifteens,
Freecell, Golf, Klondike, La Belle Lucie,
Scorpion, The Wish, and Yukon.

Features Include:

Palm OS 5 ready.
Hires+ support.
Stunning graphics - 65K colors!.
Enhanced sounds effects (digitized samples).
Sound level can be adjusted from inside the game.
Includes comprehensive documentation, with screenshots.
Intuitive, simple-to-use, and very responsive game interface.
Single-tap move, to move your cards in just one tap!
Classical double-tap move, for those who prefer controlling
Drag & drop move, with a shaded card showing were selected card(s)
will go if you release the sylus.
Infinite undo/redo, to navigate from the start to the end of the
Undo/redo data is saved with your game and is available when
continuing an exited session.
All solitaire games can be set up randomly or with a seed number.

Seed numbers from MS FreeCell can be used in the game!
Automatic moves option.
Animated card movements.
Near end-of-game detection.
Each solitaire game has it's own statistics.
Internet high score code: compare your own score with other players