Deluxe Solitaire 1.01

Deluxe Solitaire

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Price: $9.95  

File Size: 241K

Deluxe Solitaire 1.8


Release Date: July
10, 2003

Deluxe Solitaire Description:  

Deluxe Solitaire for Microsoft Windows is a
collection of forty games chosen from the finest solitaire games
available. These games provide a wide range of challenge and entertainment
for children and adults alike. Some games require in depth strategy in
order to win. Three levels of play allow games to be tailored to the level
of difficulty desired by each player. If you make a mistake in play, you
can undo that play. Pick from one of the 10 card backs provided or design
your own. Complete on-line help included for every feature and game.

Deluxe Solitaire supports multiple players and saves the top score, level
of play, and current score for each game and each player. The card back
you prefer is also remembered. There's no need to save the game and
restore it later when you quit Deluxe Solitaire or let someone else play,
game saves and restores are automatic, so you can start playing again
right where you were when you quit. Animations include the Queens' eyes
blink, the ruby in the Kings' crown sparkles, not to mention the snow
falling. One feature that is unique to Deluxe Solitaire is the autoslide
feature which maintains the positions of the cards so that cards don't
exceed the bottom limit of the window. Autoslide is automatic, but the
positions can be manually adjusted too.