Allgood Solitaire 4.1.1

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Platform: Mac OS X 10.3 and higher
Price: $15.00
File Size:  4.6MB
Rating: Allgood Solitaire 3.1
Publisher: Allgood Software
Release Date: March 3, 2007

Allgood Solitaire Description:   

Allgood Solitaire offers 74 different variations, from the familiar Klondike, to more obscure games like Will O the Wisp, and Pyramid. You'll be able to learn new games quicker in the new version, as it is easy to display the characteristics of each pile, the piletype and what card(s) are necessary to build on it. Not only that, you can examine the contents of any pile at any time, or turn over the aces,wherever they are hidden. If you forget how a certain game is played, it's easy to bring up the rules summary for the current game.

Allgood Solitaire is Shareware, download it and try it out for a while. If you decide to keep it, please register your copy by paying the $15 shareware fee. Your registration helps encourage the development and improvement of the software.

As always, this is a free upgrade for registered Solitaire users.