Golf Solitaire 1.2

Download Golf Solitaire

Platform: Palm OS 3.5
Price: $8.00
File Size: 21K
Rating: Freecell Solitaire 2.01
Publisher: Jeff Jetton
Release Date: April 11, 2000

Golf Solitaire Description:  

Now you can play the popular "Golf" solitaire card game on your Palm Connected Organizer! Try to clear cards from the columns at the top of the screen by playing them in sequence on the pile. The number of cards left at the end is your score, and the lower, the better. This addictive game features nifty sound effects, a backed-up "leaderboard" to show the best scores, the ability to "beam" your current game (at any point) to someone else, selectable pro/amateur rules, left or right-handed layout, and more. The registered version also offers unlimited undo.