Palm Solitaire Card Games - 0


3 Solitaire Pack
- This Solitaires Pack includes three best-selling solitaires -
Freecell, Klondike and Spider

40Thieves on the

- Forty Thieves is a very old and popular solitaire game that is known
under many names, such as Napoleon at St. Helena and Roosevelt at San

4Corners Solitaire
- 4Corners Solitaire is the classic game of Four
Seasons brought to the Palm OSĀ® platform.

5Solitaires Pack - This Solitaires
Pack includes five most popular solitaires (Freecell, Klondike, Spider,
Forty Thieves and Yukon) and adapted them for the small screen and limited
computing power of handhelds.

3-Peaks - Palm version of a very
addictive Windows card game, TriPeaks. Your goal is to clear all of the
cards piled in three peaks.

995 Solitaire Pack  - 995 Solitaire Pack is the
#1 best-selling Solitaire program for Palm.