Napoleon Solitaire 2.1



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Windows 3.1

Price: $15.00

File Size: 579K

21 Solitaire 1.01

Publisher: Goodsol

Release Date:
June 15, 1998

Napoleon Solitaire Description:  

Napoleon Solitaire
is a shareware Windows solitaire program based on the classic solitaire
game Forty Thieves, also sometimes known as Napoleon at St. Helena. The
game is played with two decks of cards. Forty cards are dealt face up to
ten tableau piles, 4 to each pile. The remainder of the cards form the
stock, which is turned over 1 card at a time into a single waste pile. The
tableau piles are built down by suit. The aces, when they are available,
are moved up to form 8 foundation piles. The object of the game is to move
all the cards up to the foundations.