3-Peaks 2.23


Platform: Palm
OS 2.x

Price: $5.00

File Size: 10K

Spider 1.42

Publisher: Masahito

Release Date: April
6, 2005


3-Peaks Description:  

Palm version of a very addictive Windows card game,
TriPeaks. Your goal is to clear all of the cards piled in three peaks. The
longer the streak of removing cards from the three peaks is, the higher
the score you get. You can post your record at the 3-Peaks home page and
compare your record with others. Warning!!! This game is very addictive.
Version 2.21 changes: 1. Added sound on/off control from the 3-Peaks
option. Note: this sound control works only if the game sound of the
Preferences is not off. 2. Fixed the Palm OS 2.0 incompatibility problem.
3. Fixed the undesirable behavior when the title is tapped after the game
is over on Palm OS 3.5.