AcidSolitaire 4.0



Acid Solitaire



Palm OS 4 or higher

Price: $14.95 

File Size: 391K

AcidSolitaire 3.0

Publisher: Red

Release Date: December
20, 2005


Acid Solitaire Description:  

Acid Solitaire is a great professional quality
Solitaire game. The full-color backgrounds are breathtaking on color
Palms. Acid Solitaire features: 320x320, 320x480 High Resolution
Support, Card Drag & Drop, Super Fast Gameplay, Klondike Solitaire
play, 1-Card or 3-Card Deal, Auto-Turn and Auto-Move options,
On-Screen Battery Meter, Left-Handed View Option,  Double-Tap
Auto-Move, Select Game By Number, Non-Annoying Sound Effects with
On/Off Option. 
Acid Solitaire is free to try for 12 days. Download
and install it today!