Adventure Solitaire 2.7

Download Adventure Solitaire

Platform: Palm OS 2.0
Price: $16.95
File Size: 31.90 K
Rating: Adventure Solitaire 2.1
Publisher: Jim DuBois
Release Date: May 5, 2007

Adventure Solitaire Description:  

An original game which blends the fun of high adventure and the fun of solitaire cards. You must play it to understand.

Play through 24 campaigns or 54 individual scenarios, or have the game create random scenarios for you to play.

Encounter 54 different items and monsters, including: Dragons, wizards, locked treasure chests, shadow mages, thieves, magic scrolls, caves...

Automatically track high scores and ratings for all scenarios and campaigns.

In COLOR and black and white.

Choose a difficulty level that suits you at the moment.

Highly random levels create endless variety of play.

LEFT HANDED MODE: A settable preference for all you left handers.