Powerful Rife Cure All Tones @ 0.1Hz Epsilon Brainwaves : Deep Healing Mix

Rife Cure All Tones : 20, 727, 787, 800, 880, 5000 & 10000Hz

We have already discussed about Rife Cure All tones many times before. Even though there are 1000s of frequencies in the Rife spectrum some are very important. They are useful for hundred of diseases and so this set is called Rife Cure All tones. If your health issue is not very specific or not able to find the exact thing then you can use this. Also you can use this as a preventive measure even if you don’t have any health problems. These are those tones – 20, 727, 787, 800, 880, 5000 and 10000Hz. If you want to know the exact diseases these tones can cure, loot at the Rife CAFL list which is available in many rife healing related sites.

Frequency Healing Dos and Don’ts

Drink enough water to avoid dehydration while listening to this. Body’s natural healing and regeneration processes will be accelerated while listening to healing frequencies like this. So body needs extra water to flush out toxins from cells. Also please note that this is not an alternative to modern medicine. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor. You can use this in addition to your primary treatment for a quick recovery.

Epsilon Brainwave 0.1Hz

Above mentioned tones are again modulated to 0.1Hz which comes in epsilon brainwave range. This is again very beneficiary. It induce a sleep like state which helps to keep the body’s natural healing system at its peak level. Immune system will work at its best level because body will be free from all other things. Body cannot do multiple things at a time. So it need rest and a calm mind to speed up the immune system and healing functions.

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2 thoughts on “Powerful Rife Cure All Tones @ 0.1Hz Epsilon Brainwaves : Deep Healing Mix”

  1. Thanks for the information you have posted in the many articles. I’m very motivated to explore this area.

    I have just one question: what is the highest frequency of these sounds that is in the music encoding? Does it cut off at 20kHz or does it go all the way to 40kHz? Thanks!

    1. Welcome 😊🙏 In this video highest is 10k since this contains only 7 cure all tones. in my other vids also max 10 to 15k only.

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