Powerful Rife Ear Cure All Pure Tones at 10Hz to 0.1Hz Deep Healing Mix

Rife Ear Cure All Tones

There are many sets of ear healing tones in the Rife CAFL list. This video is a mix of all ear related rife healing tones. So it is titled as ear cure all. It contains tones for inner, middle and outer ear infections, vertigo, tinnitus etc. You can also find separate videos for each of these problems in our channel too. This is a general purpose tones mix for ear related problems.

Pure Tones

Audio in this video are pure tones – not diluted with other background music or other distractions – so effectiveness is manifold compared to other such videos with background music. When we mix background music it will become very pleasing and easy to listen but effectiveness will reduce drastically. So in my channel i rarely only mix background music because our main aim with frequency healing is to get some result, right ?

Alpha, Theta, Delta and Epsilon Brainwaves

Another important feature of his video is it contains four different types of brain waves – alpha, theta, delta and epsilon. This will take brain to a very relaxed and meditate level. Body’s natural healing and regenerative processes will be at its peak level during these levels especially at delta and epsilon range as body gets enough time to concentrate on healing and regeneration.

As I mention in all my posts this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. You can club this with that treatment too for quick relief. Also drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

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