Afformations vs Affirmations : Re-programming the Subconsciousness Mind

Our Inside & Outside Worlds

Everybody must have heard about affirmations and its effects on our brains if we listen it for a long time. Affirmations are simple sentences mostly in present tense like ‘I am Healthy’ or ‘I am Rich’. Actually we have 2 worlds – one inside and one outside. Depends on the strength one will dominate and control our life. It is like setting the air conditioner temperature. For example if your outside world is very normal but there is lots of negativity in your inside world then slowly your life will become miserable as inside world will overpower the peaceful outside world. Similarly if you are in a middle of financial crisis in the outside world and you keep on dreaming, wishing and visualization money and wealth then slowly your financial status will improve outside.

Power of Affirmations

Our subconscious mind is million times powerful than conscious mind and it controls everything in our life – attitude, habits, addictions, behavior etc. Problem is the operating system in the subconscious is very old – mostly developed during our childhood period and no major updates after that. So if you really want to change it you need to rewrite the subconscious mind impressions but conscious mind will not allow everything to enter the subconscious. It acts like a gatekeeper and filter most of the data coming through the senses – mainly seeing and hearing. There is no logical checking in the subconscious mind. It writes to memory whatever comes its way. That is why conscious mind which do a logical check passes only information it feels correct or good. Here comes the importance of affirmations. When you repeat something again and again sometimes it will bypass the conscious mind checking and enter the subconscious.


This is relatively a new thing which many people believe and feel works better than affirmations. In this we will confuse the mind with questions like ‘Why am I so happy ?’. Then our mind will think that it is already happened. So it works better that simple present tense used in affirmations. Here are some examples of afformations.

  • Why am I so happy?
  • Why am I so lucky?
  • Why am I so blessed?
  • Why do I always have plenty of money?
  • Why is my bank balance always growing?
  • Why am I so loved?
  • Why am I so healthy now?
  • Why am I so confident now?
  • Why do I feel so fantastic now?
  • Why am I so fearless now ?
  • Why am i so courageous now ?
  • why do I feel so energetic now ?
  • why do I feel so strong now ?
  • Why do I wake up every day feeling amazing?
  • Why is it okay for me to be happy?
  • Why is it okay for me to be so wealthy?
  • Why do I have so much energy?
  • Why do I have such a happy family life?
  • Why am I so calm?
  • Why am I so emotionally stable?
  • Why is my income rapidly increasing now?
  • Why do I feel so loved?
  • Why is prosperity attracted to me?
  • Why am I such a magnet to success?
  • Why am I so emotionally healthy?
  • Why am I so rich ?
  • Why am I so healthy ?
  • Why am I so wealthy ?
  • Why do I have so much energy ?
  • Why does money come to me so easily ?
  • Why am I so happy in my relationships ?
  • Why do I have such vibrant health ?
  • Why do I live such a blessed life?

How to Make Afformations & Best Time to Listen

In the same way you can also write your own afformations depends on your requirements in life. Make simple questions. Make it very simple and short. Both in affirmations and afformations it is always better to have simple sentences with 6-8 words. Some people use very long sentences in affirmations but that is not a good idea. make it simple and easy to remember. Think about the changes you would like to make in your life and make afformations accordingly. Then record it with your mobile phone in your own voice and listen to it at least 2 times daily. Just after waking up and before sleep are the best times to listen as brain passes through theta brainwaves during these 3 period.

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