Abundance Meditation : Jupiter 183.58Hz & Earth’s 7.83Hz : Law of Attraction

Attract Money with Jupiter Frequency 183.58Hz

Many people ask what is the significance of planet Jupiter in money and wealth. Thing is every planet radiates lots of energy and their magnetic fields have so much influence on us. Compared to our size or mass and energy their size and energies are so huge. So their impact also according to that. For eg. depends on the moon’s position people with mental problem’s illness changes. Moon has that much impact on our mind and thoughts. Some times we feel irritated or unhappy without any reason. That may be due to some external forces or energies like this.

Science is yet to find more about these kind of things. Science always looks outside world. But actually in our life, our happiness, peace etc decided by inner world. 10% of our life is only depends on outside world, 90% is decided by inner world and we and science simply ignore this most important inner world. That is the reason people are becoming more and more unhappy, stressed, criminal minded etc. Our ancestors and rishies gave more importance to inner world so they were much more happier and peaceful than us. So if you give top most priority to health, peace of mind etc then you should limit your thoughts, re-program subconscious mind with positive suggestions etc.

Planet Jupiter has been associated with Money and Wealth from the ancient period. You can find reference to that in many ancient texts. in Indian astrology also depends on the position of the Planet Jupiter in the person’s birth chart his financial status changes. Also the transition period of the Jupiter’s position in the birth chart important. Financial position changes during this period according to the new position of Jupiter. 183.58Hz is the Jupiter spinning frequency. So if you tone to this frequency daily then it will improve the presence of Jupiter energy in you and that will give positive impacts on your finances.

Earth’s Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz

Mother earth is another important factor in physical well being, money and wealth as it is associated with rooting and root chakra. It is the first chakra in the 7 chakra energy center in our body and is strongly associated with all physical things. Schumann Resonance is a set of low frequency peaks at earth’s electromagnetic spectrum and the prominent one is 7.83Hz. It ranges from 5Hz to 50Hz. It is also called mother earth’s natural heath beats. It is extremely beneficial to tuning to these low end tones as out atmosphere is constantly resonating at these tones.

Attract Money with Law of Attraction

Above mentioned frequencies are mixed with beautiful background music. Listen to this daily with a positive mind and belief. While listening to these kind of videos your mindset is very much important. Universe will give you only whatever you ask. If you listen it with a negative belief or mindset it will not work. Also being positive while listening only will not work. Every thought is a prayer. Approximately 65,000 thoughts come to our mind daily. If you dream and wish positive things daily for 15 minutes daily that may be only few 100 thoughts and rest of the day if you keep on worrying about your financial problems then those negative thoughts will overpower the positive ones. So try to reduce negative thoughts, worries etc.

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