Rife Transformation Frequencies Fast Mix @ 6Hz : 35 Rife Tones

Rife Transformation Series

Frequencies can only heal but also can transform if you believe in it and use it regularly for some time. Rife CAFL document has a set of transformation series which includes ancient solfeggio series too. As per the docs this set includes 18 ZOBET, 6 Of which are The Sacred Solfeggio, 9 Activation, One KI, And The Sacred Spiral and the frequencies are 144, 147, 174, 234, 258, 285, 369, 378, 396, 417, 471, 528, 582, 612, 639, 693, 714, 741, 774, 825, 852, 855, 936, 963, 991, 1584, 1604, 1746, 2475, 2556, 2664, 3330, 3996, 9990 and 9999Hz.


For animals, insects, plants and other living beings the option to improve their life is very limited. They have to live their whole life in between the two lines the nature has drawn but for human being alone there is no upper line. Possibilities to improve and transform are unlimited for humans. We can transform to unimaginable levels if we work hard on it. To transform really first we need to know more about our self. Ancient Indian rishies recommended self enquiry to start with. Ramana Maharshi said a very simple technique – keep on asking the question ‘Who Am I ?’. As per him this alone can transform yourself. Buddha said just keep watching your breath alone can transform you and take you to an enlightened state.

All the ancient saints told one thing in common – nobody else in this world can transform you – only you can do it. A guru or teacher can show us the way but we have to walk through the path with determination and confidence. All the people achieved higher levels of self in the past are only though their constant efforts.

Transformation with Frequencies

From ancient period people used many instruments to increase concentration and relax mind like meditation bells. Sound has much more impact on our bodies and mind than we think. It can create positive energy as well as negative energy. When you tune to specific frequencies it can really relax the mind, body and spirit. Solfeggio tones are one of such frequency series which has so many benefits. 285, 396, 417, 432, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 are the popular 9 solfeggio tones. These tones help to balance the 7 chakras or energy centers in the body, raise positive energy, remove negativity, repair DNA and so on. This video contains such 35 tones which help to transform.

Listening to this alone may not help you need to actively work on it – like listening to speeches and self realization, self abidance, practice meditation, do breathing exercises like pranayama, keep body fit with physical exercises or yoga etc. As per ancient Indian rishies human life is like 1000 story building and when we live a normal life we are exploring on one room – 999 rooms are left to explore!

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