Rife Bass Tones : 20, 72, 95 & 125Hz with Abraham’s 1.5Hz & Nogier 1.14Hz

Dr Royal Rife Bass Frequencies

There are thousands of tones in the rife spectrum which covers full human audio range and some are below that too. Our audio range is from 20Hz to 20KHz. Some treble tones or upper end tones are very harsh to ears especially in the 3KHz range. Most people like bass tones because they create a very pleasing effect in the ears. So we compiled a video with only popular rife tones or low end tones which is below 150Hz. Frequencies included in this video are 20Hz, 72Hz, 95Hz and 125Hz. All these are very beneficial tones like cure all tones and can be used for so many diseases. Please refer the Rife CAFL list which is available in many sites as we cannot list all the diseases because it is a long list.

Healing, Detoxifying and Regenerative Processes

You can listen to this video even if you don’t have any health problems as a preventive measure. In modern lifestyle we overload body with too much pesticides, sugary foods, salt and other unhealthy foods. So it is very important to take some measures to help the body to speed up or accelerate the detoxifying process. Body has a very sophisticated detoxifying mechanism but due to our bad lifestyle it’s efficiency gets seriously affected. First thing we have to give body enough time to concentrate on the detoxifying and regenerative processes. For that we need to reduce overall food intake (stop over eating), fast once in a while, reduce hard to digest foods like complex carbohydrates (grains), get enough sleep and most important think is keep a calm and pleasant mind. Over thinking, stress, anxiety, worries etc keep body busy and it will not get time for healing and regenerative processes.

Abraham’s Universal Healing Rate 1.5Hz & Nogier 1.14Hz

We already discussed about these 2 tones in the previous post. Both these tones come in the delta brainwave range. When we tune our brain to the delta brainwaves body will relax to the maximum and it will get enough time to concentrate on the healing and other such activities. In normal case brain passes through delta brainwaves which is .5 to 4Hz only during deep sleep. So if we induce the same tones from an external source slowly brain will be toned to it and reach the same sleep like state. This is extremely beneficial as body will get full power (because mind is fully silent) and it will concentrate on its pending processes. When mind is fully active brain will give more attention to content of the mind.

Frequency Healing with Rife Bass Tones

Listen to this video at least 3-5 times per week. While listening drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Also this is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. If you have any serious health issues please consult a doctor first. Try to relax to the maximum while listening so it is recommended to listen while you are fully free. Also don’t listen to it while driving or operating some machines or doing some work where your full attention is required. These delta tones are so relaxing. It will take you to a sleep like state. So listen it when you are fully free. Water stream sound also added in the video to make more pleasing and relaxing. Enjoy.

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