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Attracting Money : Hard Work Vs Mindset

Attracting Money and Wealth is easy if you go through the proper path else it will be very difficult too. Mindset and our belief and perception about money matters most. We believe hard work is directly proportional to money and abundance. But actually it is not. We can find so many examples where people working very hard but not getting much in return as per the hard work they are putting in. Whatever you do may not yield enough result if you do it with a negative mindset or expectation.

Subconscious mind Impressions about Money

From our childhood we have been conditioned in so many ways about money and about everything. Our day to day life to destiny are controlled by these subconscious mind impressions. Unfortunately most of us grew in a atmosphere filled with so many negative things. Knowingly or unknowingly our parents, teachers, friends, relatives etc fed so many negative sentences in our childhood like don’t do this don’t do that or money is not good or making money is very difficult or we don’t need so much money etc. That negative impressions are still controlling us. So we need to come out from this self made prison to achieve something big in life.

Power of Affirmations & Visualizations

Most of our subconscious impressions are developed during our early childhood period. After that not much updates. So it will change or update only if you do something concrete like listening to affirmations or watching visualization videos or mentally visualizing the life you want. Most of the people live in the past. So their life will be a mere repetitions of the past. You need to do something regularly to come out from this cycle. With constant efforts you can slowly change the negative impressions in the subconscious mind to positive ones and that will dramatically change your life. Not only about money this is applicable to any of your dreams, wishes, attitude, behavior etc. With this method you can change your life the way you want – you can get rid of bad habits, change behavior or perceptions of the world, improve relationship, make life more happier and peaceful but it will not happen in 1-2 days. Depends upon the strength of your current impressions it may take weeks to months but it is 100% possible.

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