20Hz : Rife Cure All with Love Frequency 432Hz + Relaxing Music

Rife Cure All 20Hz

There are hundreds of frequencies in the Rife CAFL document and in that some are called cure all tones or have special importance as per the number of diseases they can heal. In that cure all tones 20Hz has some special significance. It is in the beginning of the human audio spectrum starting from 20Hz and ending at 20KHz. Since it comes in the lowest end of the bass it is easy to listen too. Most adult people cannot hear this tone properly because as we get older our ear’s efficient also decreases so it cannot reproduce the lowest end and highest end of the audio spectrum. But that doesn’t matter. The vibration is enough for healing.

Love Frequency 432Hz

This is one of the favorite frequency of many people because it has so many benefits. It raises positive vibrations, it can be used for law of attraction as it is called miracle frequency or abundance tune. This is also called love frequency because it is associated with heart chakra in the 7 chakra energy system chart. Current tuning of the musical system is with reference to 440Hz but some experts suggest that tuning to 432Hz has better effects on the body.

Healing with Cure all 20Hz with Miracle Tone 432Hz

This video is a rare mix of the above mentioned tones. 20Hz gives many health benefits and 432Hz brings positivity and overall well being. As we give disclaimer in all posts please remember this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If your symptom is severe please consult a doctor first. This can also be used as a preventive measure even if you don’t have any health issues. This can clear up mind and bring positivity. In addition to that this is very detoxifying and regenerating too. Also please remember to drink enough water while listening to frequency healing videos as we recommend always – not only this video, any healing videos.

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