Attract Money : Jupiter 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz + Phi 1.618Hz + Pi 3.14Hz + Earth’s 7.83Hz + Gold coins

Jupiter frequencies 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz

This is a very rare money mix with video to attract wealth and abundance with Jupiter spinning frequencies 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz modulated with Phi 1.618Hz, Pi 3.14Hz and Schumann resonance or earth’s frequency 7.83Hz and Gold coins falling visualization. From very ancient period our ancestors believed that Jupiter have a special significance in money matters and can get more wealth with its blessings. In India many temples Jupiter is worshiped separately as well as together as Nava Graha’s (Nine Planets).

Schumann resonances

Schumann resonances are are electromagnetic resonances generated by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and ionosphere. In these extremely low frequencies 7.83Hz is the prominent one. Mother earth always connected with grounding, rooting and physical well being including wealth and prosperity.

Golden Ratio: Phi 1.618

Golden ratio is a unique and special numbers which appears everywhere in the universe which is equal to approximately 1.618 and represented by the Greek letter Phi. The actual value of phi is 1.61803398874989484820… Most of the Greek architectures including pyramids are believed to be made according to both Phi and Pi ratios.Not only in mathematics and geometry, Phi is applicable in everywhere – art, science, astronomy, financial markets, beauty, design, etc

Pi 3.14

Pi is a mathematical constant – it is very common ration and defines the ratio between circumference to diameter of a circle. When you draw a circle with diameter of 1 then the circumference will be Pi or 3.14. It is represented by Greek symbol π. It is very important in geometry and trigonometry and always very important anything connected with circles, ellipses, and spheres. Actual value of Pi is 3.1415926535897932384626433…

Gold Coins Falling Visualization

In this video frequencies with above mentioned important numbers mixed in a beautiful way for a pleasing effect. In addition to that gold coins visualization also included for a visual effect.

Law of Attraction

Both seeing and hearing are important in subconscious mind reprogramming. These are the two main inputs to brain. So when we feed more positivity and inspiring things it will slowly enter to the subconscious mind and that will become our nature. It will help to recondition or re-program our subconscious mind programs. Changing the mindset about the money and wealth is the primary thing we need to do in the path of achieving more wealth and abundance. Law of attraction will work only when we have a positive outlook about money.


Watch this video at least once in a day for few weeks. While watching be careful not to think anything negative about money or your financial outlook. Dream more and more money flowing to you from all sides. Also remember just watching or dreaming will not work. You need to act also. These kind of videos can be used as a catalyst. It will give you good ideas. If you act upon it your life will change for better.

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