Dr Royal Rife Parasite Cleanse with Lower end Bass Frequencies + Relaxing Music

As per theory human ears can hear frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz but again the exact values varies from person to person and also depends on age, ear sections capacity etc. This range again sub divided in to 3 sections like bass, mid range and treble. These 3 can again be sub divide in to lower bass, middle bass and upper bass etc. Normally 16Hz to 256Hz are classified as bass or musical note c0 to middle c4.

Bass tones are pleasant to hear even at higher volumes but mid tones are trebles becomes harsh to ears at high volumes. So we excluded all mid range and treble frequencies in this video and included only bass range tunes. So it will not be irritating to ears even if you increase loudness. But a good quality speaker is required to reproduce bass frequencies effectively. Also mobile phone speakers won’t reproduce bass tones properly.

Background music also added in this because if your speakers or headphones cannot reproduce these low end tunes you may not even hear anything if there is no background music. In our previous low end musical videos many people said they cannot hear anything. Then we suggested to get a better speaker or headphones. So please use a good quality headphone or speaker otherwise you will not hear the low end tunes and those are the beneficial frequencies in this video.

Please use this in addition to your primary treatment if you have any serious health issues. Don’t purely depends on this. Consult a doctor if you have any serious symptoms.

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