Wealth & Money Visualization with Jupiter 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz + 8Hz to 0.1Hz Long Sweep

When it comes to money and wealth there is always an external force which control it above our hard work. Sometimes even though we work very hard the result may not be according the efforts we put and at the same time some people earn money and accumulate wealth without much efforts too. So these things are not fully in our control as we believe normally. So if you can believe and accept about such an external force which is controlling all our things then that can dramatically change your life.

Normally we believe everything in our life is happening because of our abilities and efforts. But we totally forget about the universal force which is pampering us like a child even during our sleep. 1000s of chemical activities are happening every seconds in our body. Our organs are working continuously day and night. Even Sun, Earth and entire Universe is making everything possible to have a wonderful life here. But what we do is we forget all these and worry about simple and silly things. We have been very ungrateful to nature and universe.

So first thing to get something good from them is we have to be thankful. Gratefulness is the main thing when we want to get more thing in life. Be grateful for what we have and don’t complain. If you keep on gifting somebody and if that person doesn’t even remember those things how you will feel. Same thing with universe too.

When it comes to money, wealth and prosperity planet Jupiter is very important. Even our ancestors understood this and in India there are many temples for Jupiter and other planets too. They are our real gods. When you raise your vibrations to Jupiter it will help to accumulate more money and wealth. In this video Jupiter Orbiting Frequencies 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz are modulated from 8Hz to 0.01Hz. This covers entire Theta and Delta brainwaves. So it gives a soothing and meditative effects too.

Listen to this at least once per day for few weeks and see any changes happening or not. Also please note that this my not bring any avalanches of wealth in one or two days. Also it many not help if you sit idle. This will help you to more money making ideas. You need to act and work hard too. It will give a positive direction. Universe will show you the path. You have to walk.

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