Stomach Disorders Rife Frequency Set Fast Mix : Digestive Problems, Intestinal Issues, Indigestion

Everybody gets affected with digestive problems once in a while. Digestive capacity varies from person to person and is normally gets slow down as we get older. Intestinal gas, constipation, stomach pain etc are very common in adults especially people who lead a sedentary or inactive life. Movement is one of the most important thing for stomach and even overall health. In modern life we don’t move as much like our ancestors. Like iron parts gets rusted when idle for a long time our organs also loose its capacity when not moving enough.

So for stomach and digestive health physical exercise is very important. Food materials movement through small intestine and waste materials movement through large intestine are largely supported by our overall physical activity and movement. If we don’t move enough then gas gets accumulated in intestines and that block the movement of both food and waste materials and that lead to many digestive issues like constipation.

This video is a mix of all Dr Royal Rife frequencies for digestive disorders. Listen to it 2-3 times daily when you have any digestive issues. Also please note that this is not a replace for mainstream treatments. So please consult a doctor if you have any serious health issues. This video is mixed in a fast mode to get maximum benefits. Also all are pure tones in this videos without any background music which is again more beneficial.

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