Money, Wealth & Luxury Visualization @ Cosmic Tone 432 Hz : Law of Attraction : Abundance Frequency

432 Hz is one of the most famous tone on the net which is believed to be beneficial in many ways. It is believed to be very regenerating and helps to clear negative energies. It is also believed to be helpful for attracting money, wealth and abundance. Whatever we are wishing or dreaming financially already exists and we only need to raise our positive vibrations and frequencies to that level to achieve that. More than hard work our thinking and mindset decide out success and achievements. Even if you work very hard with a very negative outlook and mindset it may not receive positive outcome as you expect.

Problem is from childhood period we have been conditioned in a wrong way about money and wealth. Most of us are in a self made prison and in fact that is the only limitation we have. Unlimited source of energy and power siting inside but out thoughts and beliefs are blocking that energy. To remove such blocks and restrictions we need to update or reprogram out subconscious mind with positive inputs.

In this video 432 Hz is modulated with extremely low frequencies ranging from 0.1 Hz to 0.03 Hz. These tones come below the delta brainwave range. Normally brain goes to these ranges only during deep sleep. So it is very relaxing, meditative and healing will be at peak during these ranges. So this video is helpful is for law of attraction, healing and also can be used for meditation. While watching this video think about positive things about money and wealth. You can also listen to some money affirmations too while watching this.

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