Royal Rife Cure All 727Hz, 787Hz & 880Hz Long Sweep from 8Hz to 0.03Hz : Deep Relaxing, Meditative & Healing

Three Dr Royal Rife Cure All tones are included in this video – 727Hz, 787Hz & 880Hz. All these 3 are very important and believed to be a cure for 100s of diseases. Please refer the Rife CAFL for full details. These tones are modulated to many extremely low frequencies to get a soothing and relaxing effect starting from 8Hz and slowly coming down to a very very relaxing 0.03Hz. These tones come in the ranges of Theta, Delta and below delta range of brainwave tones. This will take brain to an ideal state for healing and our immune system performance will peak at these levels. Also additional hormones and other such things will be generated to pave the wave for a perfect healing. Please note that this is not an alternative for any treatment. Please consult a doctor if you have any medical emergency. This can be used in addition for quick healing.

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