Rife Cure All 5000 Hz & 10000 Hz with Extremely Low Tones 0.1 Hz to 0.03 Hz Deep Relaxing Meditation

Rife Cure All tones are famous in frequency healing lovers for its quick and effective healing properties compared to other rife tones. There are many cure all tones in the rife list like 20 Hz, 727 Hz, 787 Hz, 800 Hz, 880 Hz, 5000 Hz and 10000Hz. In this video only high end tones are included – 5 Khz and 10 Khz.

Rife 5,000 Hz or 5 Khz is believed to be cure for many diseases like candida, cold, dental infection, diabetes, arthritis, influenza, swelling, depression etc. 10,000 Hz or 10 Khz also believed to be beneficial for allergy, headache, eye disorders, fissures, burns, ear problems etc. Please refer the Rife CAFL for full list which is available in may websites.

This 2 tones are modulated to some extremely low frequencies ranging from 0.1 Hz to 0.03 Hz which is again very beneficial because it simulated sleep brain frequencies and it comes below the delta range. Brain normally goes to these ranges only during deep sleep. So if we induce the same tones during active states body will become very relaxed and accelerate healing and improves immune system performance.

Please use this only in addition to your primary treatment if you have any serious health issues. This is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment.

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