Top Bass Rife Frequencies : 125Hz + 95Hz + 72Hz @ 7Hz Theta : Candida, Fungus, Parasite Infections

Rife list contains a vast variety of frequencies covering most of the audio spectrum. In that list some frequencies are very important and is believed to be cure for many diseases including Cure All frequencies. 72Hz, 95Hz and 125Hz are such tones which belongs to the lower end of the audible range or normally we call as bass frequencies. These three can cure many diseases including candida, parasite and general infections. Please refer the Rife Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) for full details as there are hundreds of diseases associated with each of these tones so I cannot list all that here.

These 3 Rife tones are mixed in isochronic mode at 7Hz. This comes in in the theta brainwave range which is again very relaxing and soothing. 7Hz takes brain to a meditative state when you listen to it for more than 5-6 minutes. It varies from person to person. Theta mode is good for subconscious mind programming too. So you can listen to some affirmations also with this video. Since this is in isochronic mode earphones or headphones are not necessary. You can listen with a good speaker. Also please note that this is not a replacement for any mainstream medical treatment. If you are suffering from any major diseases first consult a doctor and this can be used in addition.

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