7 Nogier Frequencies : 73Hz, 146Hz, 292Hz, 584Hz, 1168Hz, 2336Hz, 4672Hz Fast Mix Video

Nogier Frequencies are believed to be cure for many health issues. This video is a mix of all 7 nogier tones : 73Hz, 146Hz, 292Hz, 584Hz, 1168Hz, 2336Hz, 4672Hz. These are mixed in a fast mode and all are pure tones without any distortion or modulation and also without any background music for maximum benefits.

A/2.28/292 Hz – Cellular Vitality
B/4.56/584 Hz – Nutritional Metabolism
C/9.125/1168 Hz – Movement
D/18.25/2336 Hz – Coordination
E/36.5/4672 Hz – Nerves
F/73 Hz – Emotional Reactions
G/146 Hz – Intellectual Organization

There are many web sites and pdf files available online with more description about each nogier frequencies. Please refer them for more details. Also please note that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. Please use this in addition to your main treatment if you have any serious health issues.

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