Rife Cure All 727Hz + 3.5Hz | Whole Body Regeneration | Unity With Everything | Healing, Meditation, Sleep Music

This video is a mix of popular Rife Cure All frequency 727Hz with 3.5Hz delta tone which is believed to be regenerate whole body and give experience of unity with everything. This is a sleep music mixed with meditative and healing tones. Rife tone 727Hz is very popular in frequency loving community and is believed to be cure for so many diseases like asthma, acute pain, back ache, bacterial infection, candida, cold, conjunctivitis, constipation, dental infection, diabetes, fever, hypertension, kidney stones, headache, pancreatic insufficiency and so on. Please refer Rife documents which is available online in many sites for full list.

3.5Hz comes in the delta brainwave range and so tuning to it relaxes total body and take to a meditative state which is again provide deep healing and relaxing mode. Since delta range is associated with deep sleep this can also be used as a sleep music if you have any sleep related issues. This is modulated in the isochronic mode so headphones are not necessary to get the maximum effect. You can play it with a good quality speaker too.

Also please note that this is not a replacement for mainstream treatment. Please consult a doctor if you have any serious medical conditions.

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